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The story of Jeweller Workshop Artiglia starts with Walter Artiglia, wich in 1926 started worning in the jewelry factory Gualino where he learned the goldsmith art. After ten years the factory closed, scattering in the territory goldsmith, engraver, embosser, casters which opened their own workshops or private laboratory. Thanks to the matured experience, Walter worked at home delivering his services to the jewellers in the city, and teached his knowledge to his son Ferruccio. In 1972 Ferruccio acquired the workshop in Via Italia, existent since the beginning of the century, to continue the profession learned from Walter and, as the father before him, gave to his sons Nicola e Matteo the same goldsmith education. That’s what drives us forward today: the memory of our grandfather’s laboratory,  his tools which we still use today, the ancient shop where we work, all the history which sorrounds us also encourage us to continue in this exciting work.

…and today.

fucinaThe Jewellery Workshop Artiglia has deep roots in tradition while looking to the future; the jewelry that we create, handmade, are made with classic materials like gold jewelery, silver, gems, but the research of processing techniques and design objects makes them up-to-date and very original. Alongside the classic jewelry, we are interested in ancient techniques that give ordinary objects a unique spirit. Among the numerous works that over the years we have recovered are the toreutics or cantilever, one of the first techniques used in jewelery, the tunnelling, the mokume gane, the ancient Japanese technique used to forge the swords of the Samurais, the cuttlefish bone, fusion used by Mediterranean populations, the lost wax casting. We reproduce also artifacts of cultures distant from us in space and time; several pieces of fashion jewelry products recall Viking, Celtic and Etruscan. Also we know that a jewel is a very personal object; that’s why we give the maximum freedom of choice to our customers, and we assist them in making the commissioned jewelry with design and personal taste.

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