Gold earrings

In support of the ruby

in support of the ruby | earrings

Circle afro

circle afro | orecchni

Heart and fishes

heart and fishes | earrings

Dancer of Atlantis

dancers of atlantis| earrings

Glazed flower embossed

Glazed flower embossed  | earrings

Acquamarina drops

gocce acquamarina | earringsintorno all'oro bianco | earrings

Intorno al vuoto |?|

intorno al vuoto | earrings

Green gold and opals

green gold and opals  | earrings

Green gold and rubies

green gold and rubies | earrings


gold silverware | earrings

Jump and glazes

jump and glazes  | earrings

Red path

red path  | earrings

Stamp with glazes

stamp with glazes a goccia | earrings

Story 6cm

storiella 6 cm | earrings


timam | earrings


toni | earrings